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As a member of the Cambridge Brain Sciences community, you're actually taking part in one of the largest scientfic experiments ever conducted. Just by using the site, you're not only helping yourself, but others like you, by furthering our understanding of the brain.

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Your brain is an ever-changing organ. On some days, you feel like the smartest person in the room. On other days, things just don't click. So how do you measure that feeling? Enter, C-Score. With the new Cambridge Brain Sciences, all you need is 10 minutes to calculate your Cognition Score (C-Score) - a new highly sensitive and accurate measure of cognitive performance. 

Peer-reviewed Academic studies

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Build healthy habits

Wondering what your day was like at your mental peak? With the all-new Cambridge Brain Sciences, you can easily track your sleep, stress and exercise patterns, so you can start living the lifestyle that's proven to result in a more optimized you.

Have fun while you learn

Play an engaging suite of tests, and 10 minutes later, you've got your C-Score. Find a test you like? You can choose to play single tests too.

6 Million+
Completed tests

Years of scientific research

Know your strengths and uncover weaknesses in three core areas of cognition: short-term memory, verbal ability and reasoning.  

Build your brain profile and monitor your cognitive performance trends over time 

Compare your results to one of the world's largest databases of cognition, so you know exactly where you stand versus the population

Fun and engaging

Convenient (only 1.5 - 3 mins each)


Sensitive to change

Track individual test results


1.    Easily add journal entries to track the things that affect cognition most

2.    Get actionable tips, curated by our staff scientists based on 100s of peer-reviewed academic papers. 

The all-new Cambridge Brain Sciences has been stealthily testing its platform with people just like you. See what they have to say.

Just the beginning

1989 - 2009


JUN 2010

DEC 2012

New product and vision based on Cambridge Brain Sciences' leading cognitive assessment platform, delivering rich insights that enable you to be the best you can be.

OCT 2015

Largest online intelligence study ever conducted (44,600+ participants) uses Cambridge Brain Sciences tests. Results published in Neuron—another leading scientific journal.

Online testing platform (CBS Trials) developed to allow researchers to run cognitive experiments. To date, these tests have contributed to 300+ studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

Largest and most-cited brain-training study ever conducted (11,430 participants) uses Cambridge Brain Sciences tests. Results published in Nature - one of the world's most prestigious academic journals.

Dr. Adrian Owen conducts groundbreaking research in neurospychology, by adapting traditional neurocognitive tests to use modern technology.

Cambridge Brain Sciences is a leading platform for the assessment of cognitive function - but scientific validity can not be achieved overnight. Our tests were developed and validated over the last 25 years by Dr. Adrian Owen (and his lab), who is currently serving as the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging at the Brain and Mind Institute of Western University, Canada.


Start now by creating your free account - it only takes a few seconds (as Scientists, we measure this stuff). 

The all-new Cambridge Brain Sciences platform is just the tip of the iceberg. Our vision is to take the latest scientific advancements of the brain out of the lab and into your everyday lives. And with your feedback and support, we'll continue evolving the platform to help deliver on our vision.

A lot more coming soon....

Know exactly where you stand:   Anonymously compare your cognition to others in your age group, profession, and location 

Gain deep personal insights:   Optimize your cognition by making smart lifestyle choices guided by our proprietary pattern searching method

Run your own mini-experiment:   See how any lifestyle choice (coffee, meditation, Nootropics, etc.) affects your cognition

Anonymously contribute to data that boosts our understanding of human cognition. Data has never before been collected in this way - participation from a huge worldwide community will lead to learnings about lifestyle behaviours and cognition that could never have been observed in a lab.

Contribute to science

Take part in community experiments to see how small changes in your behaviour affect your cognition, and contribute to real, controlled studies that explore new scientific paradigms. 

Community studies


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3.    See how your cognition is affected by your daily routine

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Did you know? Cambridge Brain Sciences has an online platform built specifically for researchers running cognitive studies